Alliance Product

Distribution company for food, household chemicals, cosmetics, household goods in Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan).
About the company
“Alliance Product” – distribution company in Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek city). We are the company that is supplying and selling food products, household products, washing supplies, household chemicals and products for children on the territory of Kyrgyz Republic.

Our company is an expert and leader in distribution and sales. “Alliance Product” is developing many trademarks, rapidly increasing sales. Our suppliers know our professional approach and ability to accomplish the goals. We are proud of the unique system that we have created and has been using in our sales department.

We are actively promoting the brands that we are selling via online Internet marketing and trade marketing. In Kyrgyzstan we are using all ways and opportunities for active development of our suppliers’ brands and for expansion for our active client base (ACB).
The main 3 differences that we have from other distribution companies are: high results, marketing promotion and constant training of our personnel.

If you are looking for a company-partner for distribution and development of your products on the territory of Kyrgyzstan, then “Alliance Product” is the company that will become a reliable partner and supporter. We are considering offers for distribution of food products, household chemicals, products for children, hygiene items.

For a number of reasons, we do NOT partner with producers of alcohol and tobacco.
Our activity in numbers
Storage facilities
4600 м²
120 supermarkets
in the whole country
wholesale stores
7 000
retail stores
250 pharmacies
500 HoReCA partners
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Our brands

Currently we are official distributors on the territory of Kyrgyzstan of the following brands:

Our regional offices
Currently, “Alliance Product” company has 5 own regional offices in Kyrgyzstan – in Bishkek, Osh, Jalalabad, Kyzyl-Kiya and Karakol.

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Information by phone.: +996 (701) 707178, +996 (551) 807178, +996 (312) 374712
How can we offer you our products for distribution in Kyrgyzstan?
If you want to offer your products for distribution, please, send your offer to our email:
Please, notice that we do NOT consider offers on distribution of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. We are ready to consider other offers.
How many salesmen are working in your company?
There are more than 150 salesmen in our company.
How many vehicles do you have in your fleet?
The delivery of products on the territory of Kyrgyzstan is done via our fleet of 70 vehicles
What categories of stores you partner with?
We are partnering with retail supermarket chains (category A), counter stores (category B), pavilions (category C), pharmacy chains, as well as with HoReCa segment (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes).
What job openings does your company have?
We hire people on the positions of salesman, forwarding agent, etc. Also, there are job openings for other positions. If you want to work in our company, call our HR department: +996 (701) 707178, +996 (551) 807178, +996 (312) 374712 or send us a message in Telegram
Can I apply to work in your company without work experience?
We hire people only with work experience in trading companies. Minimum experience – 3 months.
If you want to work in our company, call our HR department: +996 (701) 707178, +996 (551) 807178, +996 (312) 374712 or send us a message in Telegram
Do your salesmen use paper forms or mobile systems for collecting the orders?
Our salesmen use mobile electronic system for collecting order which makes their work faster and easier.
If I will be hired, what kind of products will I be selling?
After the interview we will offer you one of the categories: food products, household chemicals, or products for children.
Are there career growth opportunities in your company?
Our company is quickly growing and our employees are often move up on career ladder. Regional directors, managers, supervisors in our company started as salesmen. That is why we can confidently speak about the opportunities of career growth in our company.
Personnel training
We take great care in our approach in training and development of our employees. The company launched our own: “corporate institute” and “mentoring institute”. Employees on all positions are attending productive trainings, skill growth courses, our own “School of Managers” and “School of salesmen”. We are confident that educated and well-prepared employees are working more effectively, with better output, and easier moving to different positions within company, climbing the career ladder.
+996 312 3747 18
+996 701 880 034
(regional sales questions)
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